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2014-2016 Undergraduate Catalog 
2014-2016 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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NURS 3713 - Transitions to the BSN Role

3 (3-0)

(Formerly: NURS 3704 - Advanced Nursing Seminar 4(4-0))

Prerequisite(s): Currently no prerequisites.

(Formerly: Admission to the RN to BSN program.)

  Co-requisite(s): None

(Formerly: Co-requisite of NURS 3701 .)


This course focuses on the baccalaureate-prepared nursing role with emphasis on the following concepts: clinical judgment, communication, Health Information technology, health promotion, patient eduction, professionalism, baccalaureate-prepared nurses and standards that define professionalism are explored.

(Formerly: Provides a foundational understanding of theories and concepts related to nursing practice coupled with topics and issues in medical-surgical, maternal-child health, and mental health nursing offered at an advanced level for the registered nurse student. Current health trends, issues, research, and legislation influencing professional nursing are investigated. The role of the professional nurse as a provider of care, a coordinator of care, and a member of the profession is explored with emphasis on the differences accompanying baccalaureate nursing education. Discussion includes topics relevant to clinical practice, research, and education; and will include ethical, legal, political, and cultural aspects of health care, decision making, responsibility, and accountability.)


Effective Term: Fall 2015 - Change of Course Number, Title, Prerequisite, Co-Requisite, and Description.

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