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2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog 
2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

The Juanita and Ralph Harvey School of Visual Arts

Leah Gose, Chair (Fain Fine Arts Center C104)
Professors: Hilton, Hiraide, Leimer, Prose
Associate Professors: Gose, Page
Assistant Professor: Bly
Professors Emeriti: Davis, English, Yarosz-Ash

The Juanita and Ralph Harvey School of Visual Arts is an accredited member of the National Associate of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD).

Mission Statement for the Art Program

The Juanita and Ralph Harvey School of Visual Arts is dedicated to ensuring that the students acquire the necessary foundation knowledge and skills, develop marketable competencies in an area of artistic specialization, and come to see themselves as productive members of the global society and responsible professionals committed to excellence.

Three degree programs are offered for art majors:

Bachelor of Fine Arts with a major in Art

A studio-intensive professional degree program that prepares students for a variety of art and art-related careers, prepares students for graduate study, and provides the basis for further personal research and study.

Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with Teacher Certification, see Art All-Level, B.F.A. with Teacher Certification  

A studio-intensive professional degree program that prepares students to teach art at all levels (K-12) in public and private educational institutions.

Bachelor of Arts with a major in Art

Students major in art and select a second emphasis (minor) in another discipline, allowing the flexibility of designing a comprehensive liberal arts curriculum that prepares the student for graduate study or for entrepreneurial careers in the visual arts.

Students who are unsure about which program to choose do not have to decide immediately. Because these degree options share the same core art courses and some electives, there will be time to gain some experience before having to choose a specific academic path to follow. An academic advisor in art will assist students with this decision.

Non-majors may enroll in studio courses.

NOTE: The college can retain student work as desired for reference or exhibition purposes. If the student, upon due notification, does not claim his/her work after a three-month period, the University will have the right to dispose of it.

Minors in Art

Minors in art are designed for students who have an interest in art or art history but have selected major fields of study in other disciplines. An art major pursuing a B.A. may elect to minor in art history.