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2016-2017 Graduate Catalog 
2016-2017 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Reading Education, M.Ed.

Mission Statement: The Master of Education degree with a major in reading education prepares the classroom teacher in all aspects of reading instruction. The program will enable the student to explore current theory, research, and best practices in reading instruction and assessment. Upon completion of the degree the student will be eligible to apply for professional certification as a Reading Specialist and will be prepared for a variety of careers
in the field of reading.

Reading specialists are required to have 160 hours of supervised experience in accredited schools. Field experience is required in several courses, including two practicums, which contribute to this requirement. Completion of the master’s program in reading education enables the student to apply for Professional Certification as a Reading Specialist (1-12) upon satisfactory completion of the state mandated TExES requirement.

A probationary certificate for Reading Specialist is available upon completion of any 24 hours of the Master of Education in Reading Education Program. The probationary certificate requires an employment offer as a Reading Specialist and a passing score on the state certification exam. Students who apply for a probationary certificate must pay the required fees for the certificate, the mentor teacher, and the supervisor.

All students must meet the admission standards of the University and the West College of Education. Professional Certification as a Reading Specialist (1-12) requires an elementary or secondary provisional certificate and three years of classroom teaching in an accredited school. Students may enroll in the program without three years of classroom teaching experience, but they cannot be certified until they meet the three year teaching requirement. Completion of one additional course enables the student to apply for Master Reading Teacher certificate.

The graduate program requires 36 semester hours. Each candidate is required to submit a satisfactory research paper directly related to some phase of the graduate program.

A portfolio presentation may be required as a part of the master’s oral comprehensive examination.