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2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog 
2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Respiratory Care, B.S.R.C.

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Admission in this policy refers to a formal evaluation of program prerequisites and other course work so that those students who gain formal admission can advance to the junior and senior level respiratory care courses. This policy should not be confused with freshman and sophomore students who are respiratory care majors. Being a respiratory care major does not imply or guarantee program admission. Three admission categories exist: full, conditional, and denied. Full program admission is granted to applicants who have completed all program prerequisites, required academic foundation courses and are in good academic standing. Conditional program admission is granted to applicants who have not completed, but are presently enrolled in, course work that will complete the prerequisites and required academic foundation courses. Once a conditionally admitted student successfully completes the required course work the admission status is automatically upgraded to full admission. A student who is conditionally admitted but does not successfully complete the prerequisites, will lose conditional status.


Due to limited availability of clinical sites, the selection process for admission into the Respiratory Care Program is based upon a ranking system.  Applicant ranking will be based upon, but not limited to:

  • GPA of prerequisite courses
  • Number of prerequisite courses completed at MSU
  • Performance on the ATI TEAS Exam
  • Applicant Personal Interview with program faculty

The following rules apply to admission to the Respiratory Care Program:

  1. Be admitted to the University.
  2. Apply to the Respiratory Care Program; applications can be obtained online. Applications will be accepted between January 2 and April 15 for entrance into the program the following summer II semester.
  3. Submit a copy of the results of ATI TEAS Exam.
  4. All program prerequisites must be completed before taking any respiratory care classes. The program prerequisites are Anatomy and Physiology I and Anatomy and Physiology II, Chemistry , college-level math, Fundamental Clinical Microbiology , Communication  area of the core, and General Psychology  or Introductory Sociology . A minimum grade of C is required for all program prerequisites.
  5. 36 of the 42 required general core credits must be completed prior to being formally admitted to the respiratory care program.
  6. Notification of admission is made in writing and requires an acceptance form returned to the Respiratory Care Department. Return of a signed acceptance form signifies that the student agrees to all technical standards outlined in the admission packet.
  7. Students will complete all BSRC degree requirements 22 months from beginning respiratory care course work. With the degree requirements completed in May the students are in the best position to be successful when they sit for the National Board Examinations following graduation.


BSRC degree students must complete all respiratory courses within a 3-year period of time beginning with the initial enrollment into Foundations of Patient Care.


Students must maintain satisfactory standards in classroom and clinical activities to be retained and to progress in the program. Requirements are as follows:

  1. A minimum grade of C is required for all the following courses:

Failure to attain a minimum grade of C in each of these courses will prevent the student from being formally admitted to Respiratory Care. All of the above courses must be completed before starting the respiratory care curriculum.

  1. A minimum grade of 75 (C) is required in all respiratory courses (*except RESP 4123 ). Failure to attain a minimum grade of C in these courses will prevent the student from progressing in the program. A student who fails to achieve a grade of C in any respiratory care course may repeat the course one time. Any student who fails to achieve a grade of C in any two respiratory care courses will be dismissed and not be eligible for readmission.
  2. A student who withdraws from respiratory care courses and/or the University, must go through the respiratory care admission process again.
  3. A student on university academic probation may not enter or progress in the program.
  4. Failure to achieve a minimum grade of C when repeating a respiratory care course will result in dismissal from the program and the student may not reapply to this respiratory care program.
  5. The BSRC Program’s Admission Committee reserves the right to make exceptions to the above due to extenuating circumstances.
  6. Respiratory care courses must be taken in the sequence prescribed.

*RESP 4123 - Data Analysis  is on a traditional grading scale where 70 is considered a minimum grade of C.

Academic Foundations and Core Curriculum - 42 semester hours

(See Academic Foundations and Core Curriculum - 42 semester hours )


*9 hours are duplicated in Academic Foundations and Core Curriculum, but the total program hours do not change.

Total Semester Hours - 120

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