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2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog 
2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Art, B.A.

The purpose of the B.A. degree is to explore a variety of disciplines versus specialization. The requirements for the degree of Bachelor of Arts with a major in Art are as follows:

Academic Foundations and Core Curriculum - 42 semester hours

(See Academic Foundations and Core Curriculum - 42 semester hours )

Core Curriculum Specifics

Language, Philosophy & Culture (choose one of these):

FREN 1134 - Elementary French  
GERM 1134 - Elementary German  
SPAN 1134 - Elementary Spanish I  

Cultural & Global Understanding (choose one of these, to match with subject above):

FREN 1234 - Elementary French  
GERM 1234 - Elementary German  
SPAN 1234 - Elementary Spanish II  


Foreign Language Requirement

Fourteen semester credit hours of one foreign language.
(Six hours will count as core hours; eight hours will count as foreign language hours.)

The first semester of the foreign language requirement (FLR) will count under Language, Philosophy & Culture as core requirements and the second semester of the FLR will count under Cultural and Global Understanding as core requirements.  Students who take another course in these categories will exceed the 120 hour degree plan.  International students who are native speakers of a language other than English may satisfy this requirement by petitioning the Foreign Language Department to verify proficiency in another language with the major college dean’s approval.  This waiver applies to all degree programs.  A foreign language waiver does not exempt a student from the general humanities requirement.  Students may earn credit by passing an examination prior to registration that allows them to enroll in advanced courses (see proficiency exams ).  The reduced credit in the first and second semester of language courses result from counting 3 hours as core and 1 hour toward the FLR.

Writing Proficiency Requirement

All students seeking a Bachelor’s degree from Midwestern State University must satisfy a writing proficiency requirement once they have 1) completed 6 hours of Communication Core and 2) earned 60 hours.  Students may meet this requirement by passing the Writing Proficiency Exam, two Writing Intensive Courses (at least one must be outside of the general education core), or ENGL 2113 .  If you have any questions about the exam, visit the Writing Proficiency Office website or call (940) 397-4131.

Minor - 18 semester hours

(minimum of 18 hours)

Electives - 4 semester hours

Total Semester Hours - 120


The college can retain student work as desired for reference or exhibition purposes. If the student, upon due notification, does not claim his/her work after a three-month period, the University will have the right to dispose of it.