Feb 08, 2023  
2022-2023 Graduate Catalog 
2022-2023 Graduate Catalog

Clinical Mental Health, M.A.

Mission Statement: The mission of the Clinical Mental Health Counseling Program faculty is to provide counseling students with the most recent research, technology, necessary training, and supervision required to become a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC). Program faculty are committed to training students who are knowledgeable, ethical, competent, self-aware, and professionally mature, who hold a strong counselor identity, dedicated to advocacy efforts, and display a respect for diverse populations and multiculturalism in the role of counselors. The Clinical Mental Health Counseling Program will qualify students as counselors and provide them with the necessary skills to become fully functioning counselors who work in a variety of related settings and fields in an evolving diverse society. The program is teaching-centered with professors who are readily available to meet the needs of students. The Master of Arts with a major in clinical mental health requires 60 semester hours.

Mission Statement: The mission of the Clinical Mental Health with a concentration in School Counseling faculty is to equip the counselor with the knowledge and skill necessary to supply guidance and counseling services in a school setting.  The school counselor will be able to provide direct counseling to students; consult with parents, teachers and administrators; act as a liaison between the school and outside agencies; and facilitate classroom guidance activities.  The graduate program concentration in school counseling prepares students to be public school counselors and requires 60 semester hours.  Students are required to pass a comprehensive exam as a program completion requirement.  Texas Counselor certification requires completion of an approved master’s degree, two years of teaching experience, and a passing score on the state mandated examination, the TExES test and a practicum in a school setting.

Enrollment in courses with the COUN prefix (with the exception of COUN 6013 ) requires admission to the Master of Arts in clinical mental health program or permission of the Counseling Program Coordinator.

Both the Clinical Mental Health and the Clinical Mental Health with concentrations in School Counseling tracks are fully online and 60 credit hours. 

Students must recieve a B or better within COUN 5293 - Practicum in Counseling  or COUN 5813 - Practicum for School Counseling , COUN 6043 - Graduate Internship I , and COUN 6053 - Graduate Internship II .

For Clinical Mental Health MA students, 12 hours each Fall and Spring is considered Full Time by the department.  For combined summer sessions 12 hours is considered full-time by the department.  Please be aware that overall University course load status and Financial Aid award status may differ.